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Saving Lives and Donate Today in Chicago, IL

At Interstate Blood Bank Inc., we provide the opportunity for you to earn compensation for the donation of plasma while helping others. You will receive exceptionally caring service from our professional staff in a sterile facility when you choose to donate. Through this delicate process there are certain guidelines you, as a donor, will have to meet to insure quality samples.

The first donation takes two and a half to three hours, but after that it only takes about one and a half to two hours. A whole blood donation is much quicker than a plasma donation since, in a plasma donation, your blood is run through a machine, and then all components that are not donated are returned back to you.

Of course tubing and all other collection supplies that come in contact with your blood are discarded and replaced with new, sterile materials each time a donation procedure is performed, so there is no chance of contamination. Because of this, it is completely safe to donate your plasma.
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To learn more about how you can benefit from donating your plasma, take a look at our Compensation page.